Top 3 biggest life insurance companies

No. 3 of Top 3 biggest life insurance companies

New York Life Insurance company has percent of the U.S life insurance market share and was the second largest insurance company in 202 apart from its life insurance business New York. Life also sells long-term care insurance annuities and mutual funds and operate growing Investment Management business New York Life is a mutual insurance company and is not publicly traded it reported 2.2 billion dollars in operating earnings for 2021 a record.

Top 3 biggest life insurance companies

The company also announced a dividend payout of 1.9 billion dollars for 2021.Dividends are cash payments made by companies to their customers .

No. 2 of Top 3 biggest life insurance companies

Northwestern Mutual Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company holds 8.93 of the American Market point one in addition to its life insurance and other insurance products the company offers annuities investment products and financial planning services the company reported revenue of billion dollars in 2020 up from billion dollars in 2021 up from billion dollars in 2020.

As a mutual insurance company Northwestern Mutual is managed for the benefit of policyholders rather than stockholders. Policyholder benefits amounted to 11.5 billion dollars in 2020 up from 11.5 billion dollars in 2019. the company is privately owned and announced its largest dividend payout of billion dollars for 2022. free.

No. 1 of Top 3 biggest life insurance companies

MetLife Metropolitan Life Insurance Company NYSE, met is a publicly traded Insurance and
financial Products Company better known as MetLife it is the third largest life insurer in the United States holding 7.18 of the market share.

MetLife offers term life group universal life and group variable universal life insurance as well as accidental death plans the company also has a wide array of other insurance products available from
Health to home more than an insurance company MetLife provides Financial products like investment and retirement plans as well as helping small businesses give benefits to their employees for the fiscal year 2021 MetLife had a return on equity and is Book value 0.45.

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