Globe Life Insurance Review 2022

So most likely you’re here because
you’re considering buying
life or burial insurance from globe life
insurance company
perhaps you’ve got endless uh amounts of
emails or
junk letters from globe life saying you
can buy a whole lot of coverage for
one dollar and you’re wondering exactly
how these programs work
and perhaps you’re at a point in life
where you feel like you know life
insurance and burial insurance is kind
of important
so what I intend to do in this video is give you a brief explanation
on how these globe life programs work to
look at the fine print
to help you better prepare to select the
best plan for what it is.

You’re trying to do and then if it’s not
the best plan give you a little
uh of a second opinion if you will my
name is David Dunford owner of buy life insurance for
where i help people across the country
mostly at those 50 and older
get quality life and burial insurance
coverage so let’s jump right in and talk about
globe life

insurance so globe life insurance has
been around a long time
they predominantly market to the older
segment of society that’s looking for a
small amount of coverage to cover
what we call final expenses mostly
and burial type related costs to cover
those final things that you don’t want your family to pay out of
pocket or run a GoFundMe campaign or
whatever for
right so there’s a couple of products
that they have to offer
the ones we’re going to predominantly
focus on are their most popular ones
which tends to be their term life
insurance product and then pretty much any other ones.

Globe Life Insurance Review 2022

we’ll look for but it’s most likely the
term life insurance I’m just going to go
ahead and
actually take you through filling out an
application what it would look like
and show you the fine print as it pops
up so you can be well aware of what to
expect if you decide to go through
this process so we are on

and you can see
right here is where we’re going to start
we’re going to click on the get quote
for one adult in Tennessee where i live
and a dollar buys a hundred thousand
dollars so a little
pro tip here guys i always see what the
asterisk says uh i always like to press ctrl f and
then put the asterisks i
and let’s see if they can actually tell
us what a dollar means.

Before we can go any further so what
they’re saying there is that uh
the first dollar is just for the first
months of coverage what you’ll actually
pay is based off of your age
and then it’s guaranteed for rest the
life of the policy
so again the life of the policy this is
going to be an interesting term that

or what if the policy doesn’t last as
long hmm we’ll find out shortly so let’s
we uh can see that I’ve already filled
out this part my name of course is
mickey mouse and my birthday is uh
going to go ahead and click
continue to get quote good
now we’re shown two different options
for coverage of course you can customize
this further

but the big thing that you need to be
paying attention to as i scroll on so
you can see a little better
is this thing right here you see where
it says click here to read
policy description it’s kind of
important right so let’s click it and
start reading
and it’s right there in that first line
this is a modified premium
term to age 80.

The initial premium
period can either be one two three four
or five years in duration
depending on issue age all renewal term
periods begin at a five year plus one
and will be five years in length except
for the final term period
and the final term four year term period
always been at age 76 will expire the
policy will terminate the policy
anniversary of

the the insurance 80th birthday a lot of
a lot of words to throw out there so
okay what does all this mean so here’s
the thing ladies and gentlemen um whenever you see
the word.

Term think terminate
if you buy and you saw it for yourself just roll back the video and see if you
a plan through globe life that i just
showed on the screen
this is a term life insurance
policy it is designed to
last only until you turn 80 years
young now you might be thinking hell I’m
not going to make it past.

so why not worry why worry about it
well that’s the thing right
we live in a society now that has
medical procedures
and health care advancements and technology and prescriptions that extend
the length of life not sure about the
quality but the
length of life longer than ever has been
recorded in human history

and more and more people now are living
longer and longer than they
ever expected many of them ill or not in
good shape
plans if you’re stuck
in a term to 80 globe life product just
like they described and you happen to
live past 80.

All of that money every last penny that
you’ve put into this plan
is the companies and you have zero
zero coverage to show for it because it
terminates remember term equals
it terminates at age 80. so now you’re
uh up the creek without a paddle your
family has no

protection to take care of your final
expenses and what are you going to do
what are you going to do there are
options but they’re extremely expensive
relative if you’re younger could have
took care of it earlier
the other product notify notice that it
said modified premium
right go back and watch it if you don’t
believe me modified premium.

whenever anything says modified I’m a
little intrigued what does that mean
because usually it just says this
is a level term premium or
uh something like that well modified
partially pertains
to the one dollar startup fee that everybody gets for one month
and then it also pertains to the
escalating premiums that occur

explained in the section that says all
renewal term periods begin at a five
year plus one age
the implication with that is that the
premiums are going to get higher
otherwise there wouldn’t be these these
renewal terms why are they renewing it
it says it’s to age 80 well they’re
renewing it.

Globe Life Insurance Review 2022.

Based off of the higher premium so in
other words when you get a globe life plan what ends up happening is that you are
inside of a plan
that sure started cheap but gets incredibly expensive as you get older
and closer to the termination
age and what i have found time and again

through all my years selling
final expense coverage to my seniors is
that those people with globe plans warp is another one that comes to mind
true stage the rate of escalation closer to the termination date goes through the roof.

I had a client in flintstone Georgia yes
that’s an actual place
who went from 50 a month to 140 a month
with a specific
company i just mentioned a term
insurance plan she made 800
a month couldn’t pay for her medications
and had to choose between her
insurance her utilities and her

her rent and she couldn’t do it all she
had to drop a plan
and so this is the worst situation to be
in and these companies
design products knowing all this because
what they’re trying to do by increasing
the premium is get rid of you
so that they don’t have to pay the claim
because it was too expensive for you.

You couldn’t maintain it what is the better option when it comes
to burial insurance
now some people might have a need for
what’s called term insurance
but the vast majority of seniors we deal
with absolutely do not
what they should get instead is what we
recommend as whole life burial insurance plans let me
explain how that works burial insurance is a very simple
concept it’s designed to pay off
final expenses cremations burials
funeral expenses etc.

it is designed on what’s called a whole
life product approach
where the rates never increase there is
certain as a sunrise you will never have a price increase as long as you keep the plan and pay the
premiums and the coverage never cancels because
of age or health so you can never outlive it
and if you qualify you may be able to

get first day full coverage after the first premium goes through for both accidental
and natural death and then if you don’ there’s options that have no
questions asked associated with it so you’re guaranteed to be accepted as long
as you’re inside of that acceptable
range for the product
these plans are usually the preferred
choice for
our clients because there’s no games.

play there’s no worry about outliving your coverage
there’s no worry about premiums going up the only concern that you have is to make sure it’s affordable on the front end
and then once it is you don’t have to
worry about it getting too high that you can’t afford it
it’s the best package that we’ve seen to
help people are not in a position

Globe Life Insurance Review 2022.

whatsoever so either call us at triple eight six two
six o four three nine
go to my website there’s
links above and below just click the
links it’ll take you there
and uh let us help you out with your
burial insurance needs I hope you
enjoyed this training

on how globe life works and kind of got
the real life perspective and we’ll be glad
to help you out if you reach out thank you so much so most likely you’re here because
you’re considering buying life or burial insurance from globe life insurance company perhaps you’ve got endless uh amounts of
emails or health issues.

sometimes we can get you better converge and if you work with a
one company operation and it’s all done over the phone it’s very simple no pressure or anything like that you can go to my website it’s buy

life insurance for read through it check it out you’ll see
some sliding bars on the side or the top of the screen that suggests something about getting a quote just click the button there fill the information out and we’ll contact you or if you just want to reach out to us and talk to us may be get an idea of what you can
qualify for all it takes is ten
quick minutes with one of my friendly
representatives we’ll be happy to run
some quotes for you

show you what you have to offer if you
like it great if not no hard feelings
either call us at triple eight six two
six o four three nine
burial insurance needs I hope you
enjoyed this training
on how globe life works and kind of got
real life perspective and we’ll be glad
to help you out if you reach out thank

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