Long Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes For Him. Do you know what I give you today for your birthday? You get something very special.

Something without which I can not live. But, if you keep it carefully, do not break it and lovingly handle it, then nothing can happen to it! Did you guess? I’ll give you my heart! Do you like it?

Long Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes For Him

Long Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes For Him

Love is…

… lying on a meadow together and looking into the clouds.
… wait for the others in the rain.
… sipping spaghetti from two sides.
… to scratch one’s back for hours.
… being together with you!
I love you sweetheart and I wish you the very best for your birthday!

Let’s hover together on cloud 7 today for your birthday. I want to kidnap you and make a trip to heaven with you. There is already a beautiful, pink cloud reserved for us. Close your eyes and take my hand! You will not regret it…

Since I know you, I have this strange feeling in my stomach! Can you tell me what that is? It tingles and whirrs, it fidgets and tickles, it sometimes makes me wake up at night and smile happily. I think there are a hundred, no, a thousand butterflies who do not want to stop dancing. And today, on your birthday, they fly around wild! I love you.

Only you…

… have the most beautiful eyes in the world!
… can grin like a little boy!
… attract me like a magnet!
… understand me without words!
… are my greatest treasure!
Happy Birthday, my darling!

Happy Birthday, sweetheart! Did you expect a cake from me? You will get that too. Today I want to be your birthday cake, sweet and sweet and to your taste! N / A? Would you like to bite …?

There are six continents, seven days of the week, five oceans, twelve months and billions of stars. But there is only one person – at least for me. And that is you! You are unique and that’s why I love you uniquely! Happy Birthday, my very, very, dearest sweetheart!

Long Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes For Him

My sweetheart,
when God created you,
it was not bright yet.

That’s why your eyes,
the luminosity of the moon.

Your birthday is therefore a happy day,
that does not end so fast.

If your life is wonderful,
from morning to night,

when the time is ahead of you,
is brilliant,

and if your dreams are
miraculously fulfill,

then you know
what I wanted for you.

How many wishes you all give others,
from me you get only the blessing,

that every single person likes to fulfill,
and you are blessed every day.

Power, wealth and success, (Long Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes For Him)

after which you can aspire
but I can only give love to you.

Hold on tight and you are rich,
not only today,
but all the time.

I will give you this wish today,
what you do with it,
may fate guide you correctly.

Today for your birthday,
I want to give you many wishes.

Love, health, success
and a long life.

Always surround yourself only with people
who love you,

stay yourself,
and do not let it turn you.

Open your heart and let me stay,
not just to write you these lines,

but because there is nothing better in this world,
as a person who loves another.

For my day of honor my dream prince,
what could you wish for?

A car, money or a journey?
I can not fulfill that in any way.

But my heart,
I put this at your feet.

together with a coupon
full of tenderness and a thousand kisses.

You gave me your sweetest smile,
and my whole life has changed.

No such beautiful word was invented yet
which someone like you can describe.

For me it has been clear for a long time
You alone are my dream man.

That’s why I wish you a long life,
full of luck and success is given to you.

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