Birthday Wishes For Gardeners-Birthday Cards For Gardeners. When the flowers sprout,

lets the gardener greet again.
With fertilizer, water and lots of love,
the new shoots are growing fast.
Cut off in the vase,
The bouquet is then in the nose.
Happy Birthday,
and with the flowers a lot of skill.

Birthday Wishes For Gardeners

Birthday Wishes For Gardeners-Birthday Cards For Gardeners

With hedge trimmer and spade,
he wades through the garden.
Dig a bit here,
cut something there,
that’s how women like it.
But what do you give the gardener,
on his special day,
where he already likes flowers anyway.
You give a greeting and leave the flowers,
because he is in a different place to celebrate.

Birthday Wishes For Gardeners-Birthday Cards For Gardeners
Birthday Wishes For Gardeners-Birthday Cards For Gardeners

Cut hedges, put flowers,
Mow lawn, scissors whet.
Cut trees, put onions,
a gardener may complain about it.
Always green and always colorful,
it goes around in the garden.
But he sits quietly on his birthday,
because he just wants to party outside.
Lift the glass and celebrate,
because the garden is a hit.

Earth on the hands,
Pain in the loins.
To decorate the garden well,
he has to bend down often.
Let the flowers bloom,
do not freeze the lawn.
He provides a nice view,
and he gets it back today.
With a very special birthday greeting,
because he does not have to do it all.
We make a pleasure and start
because he is so good at everything.

If the tulips are a bit sad,
then the gardener comes very quickly.
He looks and pours and waters,
that everything will improve again.
As soon as the tulips raised their heads,
Here we want to praise him.
Because even today he takes the time
and is always ready.
For his birthday he should live very high,
because we give him the best wishes.

A new year under the protection of Santa Fiacres When winter has gone,
and the lawn is easily hereditary,
the gardener comes quickly,
and conjures a colorful sea of ​​flowers.
He mows and cuts,

some branch of the suffers – Birthday Wishes For Gardeners

A little bit here, a little bit there,
he plucks away many leaves.
After that everything looks great,
and he even gets applause.
That’s not important to him
but today it is right.
Because on birthday you have to sing,
without swinging the tools.

Luck and health may always sprout you
in the new year we douse today!
Your trees are to grow into the sky
and always fulfill your dreams!
Colorful and numerous, life drives its flowers
and Saint Fiacres, let him always guard you
He may bless with his blessing and his spade
Transform your life into a blooming garden!

A model gardener
Today we celebrate a man,
that can only blossom more than flowers
are the plants his mission,
otherwise he will always live up to his example, his patron saint!
Phocas, the gardener, was everywhere in the country
very well known for his charity and kindness
and also his hospitality was legendary
here our birthday boy is very like him!
For the love and care he gives to his garden,
he also gives that to the people he loves –
Leave to his loving care
Flowers bloom like humans alike!
That’s why we do not just wish all the love for a birthday,
but also that he always stays that way!

The beautiful gardener -Birthday Wishes For Gardeners

The lawn of your life always stays green,
the flowers of love may always bloom,
Gardening may continue to rejuvenate you
completely without artificial spraying and fertilizing!
Because we can see it on your plants –
just like you, you stay beautiful by nature!
Even doctors can wait a long time for your visit –
for your health and beauty, there is your garden!
With him, you always keep going,
he keeps you fit, he keeps you young!
We congratulate for birthday and find it terrific –
Another year older – and yet ageless!

The prime of your life
So many are waiting in vain in life
to the true meaning of life,
but you have it in many hours
Long ago found among flowers and trees.
We wish you a happy birthday, your luck
may your plants grow bit by bit,
this includes sunshine, but also rain –
But your place is always sunny side!
And everything that blossoms your life
be given to you in the new year of life!

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