Cool Hilarious Birthday Wishes For Guys… years have already passed,

at your birth there was only hope and anxiety.

Because your father wanted so much
a little son quickly.
It certainly has granted him every
From the first moment he spoiled you.
That will not be different today,
even Spiderman invites you on your honor day for you.
With spiders and the like everything is decorated today,
such a boy’s party is pretty crazy.
That’s why we want to give you this Spiderman cake today
and hope you will think of us when cutting us!

Hilarious Birthday Wishes For Guys

Cool Hilarious Birthday Wishes For Guys

Car and football earlier it was!
Today, everything is from Spiderman and Cars.
Also Bob the Builder and Mickey Mouse
equip a birthday party today.
But one thing has stayed
every boy will love his birthday.

Happy Birthday, my boy,
Do not risk a cheeky tongue today.
Because we have a nice day today
and I’ll show you how much I like you!

Cars, football and the like

Our boy is you and will be for eternity,
No matter what nonsense you still think so.
Whatever your wish for today,
always stay the way you are!
Show wit and carefreeness in life,
but do not forget learning and aspiration.
All your birthday wishes may come true today
It’s going to be a nice day, you’ll see!

Best Hilarious Birthday Wishes For Guys

When the sun is laughing today
is made a birthday outing.
Take all your friends,
The birthday party will be the hit.
But where does it go, we tell you only on the spot,
You will get your surprise there, too.
You guys will have a lot of fun there
and you hopefully tolerate?
So we want to sweeten your birthday with the adventurous day
and hope you can really enjoy it.

We did not want to hand you over today.
Plane, highway, Lego and tractor with plow,
You certainly have enough of that too.
From books you certainly learn for life,
but we did not want to give you any of them today.
So we give you some money for your birthday
and you simply buy what you like.

Cool Hilarious Birthday Wishes For Guys

Happy Birthday, you pirate! Let me guess, today you’re definitely celebrating a wild party that’s going to be high. I wish you a lot of fun and hope that your friends bring a lot of good mood. A nice greeting to mom and dad! It is very brave of them that they will take on today with a whole horde of ravenous pirates!

I wish you all the best for your birthday! Well, are you satisfied with the gifts you received today? I hope there were no self-made wool socks, no boring textbooks and no too big underpants! I can not imagine that because we all know what you are really looking forward to. Have fun with it!

How does it look like? What do you want for your birthday? What should happen in the next twelve months? A new episode of Star Wars in the cinema, the championship for your favorite club or an ice cream stand in the middle of the schoolyard? That would be great, right? I can not promise you that all this will happen, but I wish it with all my heart. And if you want something very strong, it sometimes comes true! Happy Birthday, my big one!

It’s hard to believe! The last time I saw you, you were still wearing diapers and now you are a real young man! Happy Birthday! I wish you for the new year, that the days in the school will pass quickly and for the weekends and the holidays take longer! Get rich today, sports fan!