Birthday Wishes For Police Officer. Stop, today you will be arrested! What else you do with other people, you observe your duty always today observes a special day your born timer happy birthday. Don’t fled away stay with us in earth and may live long and give us great contribution recycle the pollution of society This is the great time to wish you happy celebrates and rest time one day in your duty time.

As a police you do your duty and make clean our society for harm and take yourself always law of justice. Even today, because it ensures that you are just as older as all other people!

Birthday Wishes For Police Officer

Birthday Wishes For Police Officer

Birthday Wishes For Police Officer. Stop, otherwise … no, we do not shoot, we just want to congratulate you. Happy Birthday, and let no criminals escape!

You do not get handcuffs today, also service weapon and police badge are not necessary. At least we hope so, because who knows how your birthday party ends?

Today, your colleagues have to stay outside, so be careful not to party too loud otherwise they’ll be there!

As a police officer you know: the criminal energy is usually only brought to life in emergency situations. But if you have enough to eat and drink, you do not need to worry about your birthday party. Therefore, I wish you all the best for the new year!

Birthday Wishes For Police Officer

If you celebrate your birthday today, who cares about order and justice? Who takes care that the streets are safe and that your guests park properly? Who knows, maybe your colleagues will come too.

Dear policeman, well, if that’s nothing, you too will be heard when the years come:
Stay clean and have fun at your birthday party!

Your birthday is no reason to arrest someone. You can not stop the years or the time!

Happy birthday police officer images

Today is stooping arrest day just chilling day. Nevertheless, we wish you a happy birthday!

Happy are the minds,
a year passes faster than you think
a year older is now our orderkeeper –
and celebrations are allowed!

In accordance with the regulations we congratulate
and wish luck, as prescribed,
because, we would not declare our wishes,
where would law and order have then remained?

But apart from that,
we will not worry about rules today,
for a birthday we want to go celebrate with you –
We will take care of law and order tomorrow!

Off duty

Instead of recording criminal matters today,
instead of citing laws and rules,
instead of straining regulations,
Should you enjoy yourself today?

Instead of helping in times of need,
instead of putting up a ban,
instead of measuring speeding,
should you forget your work today?

Today, the law must exist without you,
today ‘have to guarantee for order others times,
Today you’re free of duty,
Today, evil is resting in the world!

And we hereby declare,
we really like it today ‘:
today’s just our birthday girl you are –
and only tomorrow: Policeman!

Living in the fast lane

We wish you in the next years of life,
Everything that applies to you as happiness –
Fate may never drive you too fast
and the bad luck should pay attention to the driving prohibition sign!

For joy you should never wait too long,
Your world, she is never sad and gray,
the health is with you “Dauerparken”
and your success, he never stuck in traffic!

Fresh wind should blow your sails,
Joie de vivre should always drive you,
and despite the rules and regulations,
You should always stay in the fast lane!

law and order

You are always pursuing what evil and bad
and protects everything that is legal and good,
you always like to fight for order and law,
full of conviction and full of courage!

For your birthday, we wish you luck,
Health, strength, enthusiasm and strength
and above all the right feeling
between law and law and mildness and hardness!

but we only wish you good in life
and everything that pleases and pleases you,
May that be your fate!

Reconcile with your destiny
if bad things happen,
they are exactly the “nuances”,
make people human!

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