Birthday Wishes For A Special Female Friend. Women love poetic poetry. It’s a great time to celebrates you birthday and special wishes to you by me. The most poetic verses in your life is your Birthday She is still new and interesting. You are a gorgeous and poetic soul lady in my heart . A man can see in the sky to set his eyes in long time cause it was broad I can say your beauty also broad and that i can keep in my eyes long time to get charm and will caress her romantic soul.

Is there eternal love? Women are very sure about that. You can understand your beauty and adventure life in this day. This is the great moment for men to express their unbreakable love with a very personal poem. A declaration of love in well-spoken words and in verse brings every woman’s heart to melt.

Birthday Wishes For Female Friend

Birthday Wishes For Female Friend

Not every man can write a poem so out of the ordinary. With a little reflection and the gathering of the feelings to be expressed, a poetic work of magic arises. Those who choose the verse form to congratulate the woman of their choice on their birthday can be sure of their full attention and affection. It is quite legitimate to look up great poets and thinkers, which words they once used. Of course, it should not be written off here, but it can give the own poetry impulses.

Shallow and meaningless words have nothing to do with sentimental poetry. Similarly, slippery sentences in no birthday poem for a woman who wants to prove feeling and romance. And something else is important. Women love to make a man laugh. However, men’s humor is often too blatant for women. In order to get in the mood for humorous verses, it is helpful to look at poems by humorous poets. Own strengths and weaknesses and those of the partner in own words put into verse, bring the desired laugh success.

Men usually struggle to tell their partners how much it means to be loved. The more romantic and poetic words that tell the partner, I’m happy to be your husband. ” Such a declaration of love always falls on fertile ground. With such words no man has to wait for the birthday of the loved one, the wedding day or Valentine’s Day.

Birthday Wishes For Female Friend


Romantic feelings in poetic words have captured their charm and appeal over time. Women have a sure sense of poetry and romance and appreciate the poem as an expression of joy, friendship and love.

As a woman, you do much, much more than your husband,
never complain, not even now and then.
That’s what we want to honor today
and do not deny you many gifts,
because today we celebrate, your birthday is today,
why did all the people come?

We want to thank you today, dear wife,
that you do a lot to us, we know exactly.
Especially on this special day,
should you know that I like you very much.

stay as you are, always feel happy.

It is said that women are very strong and wise,
that with them time often passes by,
that’s also true, if you take yourself as a standard,
because with you time passes very quickly.
Thank you for that, I greet you today very much,
We appreciate you even more on your birthday.

What would life without women be empty and drab,
especially because you too are one of them.
Since you have a birthday today,
are we visiting you today,
we greet you kindly, we greet you dear,
You are our little heart thief.

As a woman, you have already done many things for us,
probably much more than we ever saw.

therefore please do not put us in the barriers.
We came today because you have a birthday,
and gladly come with you for a rest.

Cute happy birthday quotes for best friends

Women are warm, intelligent and loving,
they do a lot of good without resentment.
You too are one of those women
That’s why we drop by today.
Because today is your birthday, my child,
which is why we like to be with you.

As a woman, you have understanding for everyone,
you can always talk to you so well.
Today, I take this occasion
to show you to a great extent,
how important you are to us all,
because today is your birthday.

If a woman has a birthday,
often the family council then meets
to be with her and to honor her
nobody wants to deny her that day.
That’s what she rightly deserves,
for good deeds do not go unpunished.

Because my wife has her birthday today,
she deserves a particularly good deed.
She gets a really nice gift today,
something that shows her that I always think about her.
It’s a ring with sparkling stones,
I hope she does not start crying now.

A woman helps wherever she can,
she helps her children and her husband,
where help is needed, it is always there,
she is always so close to her loved ones.
On her birthday she is rewarded for
and today really spared.

As a woman, it is often not easy
because often the trouble reaches daily.
But women who despise quite seldom,
they live in very different worlds,
because they never give up,
that’s how life takes its course.
And because you have a birthday today,
Let’s take your load off today.

To honor the dear birthday child,
let us not deny him a dance.
We like to party until it crashes,
have laughed a lot,
Celebrate until the morning,
without sorrow and without worries.

Happy birthday gorgeous lady

Dear guests, we are all here today,
drink together some beer,
there is a reason for that
because our host has his birthday, this old dog.
Invited us today,
so let’s party now, dear people.

Birthday celebrations are very nice,
because the guests never want to go home.
Love to dance, laugh and sing,
want to serenade the birthday boy.
Tell about past years,
know friends are the true.

Again your birthday party is approaching,
we participate in, if you let us,
We like to celebrate with you,
want to dig out old stories,
congratulate you quite fine,
want to be with you today only.

One day Chill time with parody

Happy Birthday to You,
do you feel like celebrating today?
Yes, then we want to laugh with you,
do a lot of funny things,
eat, drink, and also sing
and then bring you home.

Hello, dear birthday child,
There is a reason why we are with you.
We came to give you a gift
because we like to think about you.
We are happy to be with you,
because you invited us.

A party that’s fine,
because you do not celebrate it alone,
many guests come today,
bring with other people,
to congratulate you,
There are even more than four.

Dear guests, listen carefully,
Time has passed so fast, as in the meantime.
It’s been back a year,
that we celebrated a lot.
Today we celebrate again,
sing many songs for your birthday.

Let’s celebrate today,
our guests even come from Bavaria,
from far away they have come
as you know as a host.
We are all here for your birthday
Now please welcome us with a beer.

Celebrate you Birthday with our wishes Messages

I’m so glad we’re here today
have come to celebrate you, my child,
long ago we did that,
why we are here three times may you guess
The reason is your honor day today,
I am here because I like you.

Your birthday is today, we know that
That’s why we are with you today.
We eat your birthday cake,
very quietly, without words.
Then we tune into a song,
You should not be alone on your birthday.

A beautiful evening is breaking,
because we celebrate your birthday, man,
You are older and smarter now
and luckily a bit further.
We all think that’s good,
We wish you much strength and courage.

Celebrating birthday gorgeous lady

As a friend, I wish you the best
and the best of birthday celebrations!

Today is a very special day,
because you get it in writing that I like you
There are no flowers and gifts,
instead, the lucky luck that I rhyme here!

The candles on the birthday cake are ready
It was high time for the next party anyway
all those who like you want to laugh with you today
For your day of honor we let it really crack!

I wish you a heartfelt birthday
a big cake with candles,
a lot of love, strength and sunshine
and always reason to be happy.

I wish you a happy birthday
Love, happiness and confidence,
every day your favorite dish,
now and then a nice bathroom
and someone who likes you very much.

Make your Birthday Happy with Lyrical Verses

It’s her birthday, it’s time!
Confetti on the party dress,
Let’s laugh and pop the corks
until we all laugh under the table!

Health, happiness and God’s blessing
Fun and joy, even in the rain
Love, strength and confidence
take a break and relax
Best wishes for this day
today at the birthday table

At the center once a year
radiantly beautiful and wonderful
there you stand, surrounded by all
Happy Birthday!

You do not see it, but it is true
You are older now than last year
if it continues, then it would be wonderful!

High and low and up and down
The last year kept us busy
my birthday, I’ll tell you
whatever comes, we can do it!

Today to your honor festivals
wish you all the best
Health and happiness in all things
with strength and courage, many will succeed
always a lot of love and joy in life
and God’s blessings at all times!

I wish you a happy birthday
Love and a lot of attention
Peace and serenity
as well as a smile for every day

All the best, my best
for a birthday and a great party!

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