Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes. The second birthday party is very enjoyable for attentive all of the greet wishers. The child will probably not remember this day later, parents and grandparents but all the more.

In this case, many grandmothers and grandfathers like to think twice about declaring the birthday wishes in a not too conventional way for their 2 year old grandson.

A simple “Happy Birthday” is usually not too good, especially since you often get a greeting card, which you hand over to a nice gift to the parents. Popular toys here are often rustling or educational toys about which certainly the parents are happy.

2nd Birthday Wishes

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes

What’s that nice day


where our / ours’re birthday has!
2 years you are in this world now
and the sunshine that lights our day!
You are the greatest treasure for us,
That’s why there is now NEN big smack!

Can someone tell me
Do we have a birthday boy here?
A truly sweet-sweet child,
as cute as angels are otherwise?
One, maybe … means
and does not know anything about his 2nd birthday?
Actually – I found it, there it is:
Dear, I wish you all the best and a happy new year!

First one, then two – that’s great,
our / ours … is getting big now!
Can you already have so many great things,
that make you and us so happy!
With you life is exciting, beautiful and colorful,
there is laughter, dancing – there it goes!
We wish you that it stays that way,

… will be 2 years old today,
that really does not leave anyone cold!
This is celebrated until it crashes,
and small … laugh with us for the bet!
We wish you, right here and now,
all the best and that happiness never leaves you!

Happy birthday wishes for 2-year old boy

The birthday girl a loud hip-hip hurray!
Klein …. is actually already 2 years!
Today you have several wishes,
Also your favorite cake is included!
Strongly we want to make you live,
sing, jump, dance and laugh with you.
It’s going to be a great day,
Every one of us likes to remember.
That’s why we wish you on all your ways
all love, good luck and God’s abundant blessing!

Our little sweet mouse,
we wish quite freely,
only the best for the 2nd birthday
and have fun at their party!

Ri, Ra, Slide –
the …. gets a kiss now!
Because he / she will be two years today,
everyone is happy here.
Ri, Ra, Slide –
the one, that’s gone now!

A little bird came in the night
and brought me a message:
The / the … is already 2 years,
that is celebrated – it is clear!
I got up quickly
and thought up a nice present for me.
Hopefully you’ll like it,
otherwise I prefer to keep it here!
Do not worry – that was just a joke –
the gift is only for you, my heart!

Tip-tap, tip-tap,
two little feet tripping around the world,
pitsch-patsch, pitsch-patsch,
two little hands reach for the sky.

Clip-on folding, clip-folding,
two small eyes blink in wonder,
zip-zap, zip-zap,
listen to two small ears, whatever happens.

And what do you hear? What could that be?
It’s a birthday serenade – just for you!
2 years you will – this is a hit,
And all your friends are partying!

Short 2nd birthday wishes

Trari-trara – now it starts!
Celebrate your birthday – that’s great!
We wish you lots of fun,
at your cradle festival number 2!

Look, look at little mouse.
Today you look much older.
You are already 2 years old,
Madness like that happens in an instant.
We all want to tell you Happy Birthday,
hug you and carry you on hands.

2nd Birthday Wishes

Congratulations on the 2nd birthday for the best grandchild that there is! Grandma and Grandpa have brought you something beautiful and want to give you the very best wishes for blessing along the way.

The second Burzeltag is a nice day
Everyone in this shop shows you that he likes you.
Today you are our star all alone,
Yes, best regards and celebration very wonderful.

Happy Birthday my dear little sparrow! If your parents were not here I would take you smoothly, you are so sweet.

For the second birthday all the love and the greatest happiness in the world. Have a great birthday party and enjoy every minute in your life.

We wish your little Windelpuper for children’s birthday all the best. Surely you have already read your child’s wish from your lips and organized a huge party.

I am sure that you can give a 2 year old girl a nice teddy bear. But only one who is at least as cuddly as she!

Happy Birthday Song

With 2 years you look gorgeous,
out of the diapers you’re out soon.
I also wish you all the best,
a lot of health and success still more.

Hippi, Hurray the second is the best day of the year.
Officially, you are getting bigger and warmly welcomed by all,
no wonder, if you also sweeten the day for us.
Grandma and Grandpa love you very much
we wish a lot of health and happiness for life.

The 2-year holiday is very special today,
In addition, with twins you have the place already full of people.
From our birthday the sweetest congratulation,
soon you can stand on your own.

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