Birthday Wishes For Patients. We wish you all the best wishes for you, and of course you should get back your health as soon as possible!

We wish you a good recovery and a happy birthday, so you do not miss your own celebration!

Birthday Wishes For Patients

Birthday Wishes For Patients

Even if you are sick, you should not spend your birthday without us thinking about you: We wish you all the best for the new year and for your recovery!

Dear … (name), Unfortunately you are ill on your birthday
but we will recover soon, as we hope
because your illness is thank God
not so bad that you are affected for a long time!

Being ill on your own birthday is not fun
but unfortunately can not change.
We wish you a happy new year,
because if it starts like that, it can only get better!

Dear … (name), pay close attention next year, so that we can at least celebrate your birthday properly! Unfortunately, this time it fails because you are not feeling well, but you can not avoid getting older!

Motivational Birthday Wishes For Patients

For my birthday, I like to say: stay as you are. Of course, since you’re feeling pretty bad, I will not do that; Instead, I prefer to say: better yourself! Get well soon, so we can make up for your birthday party!

Birthday Wishes For Patients

Happy Birthday, and get well soon!
Finally, we want to see you fit again, so we can raise you with the aging, and no longer have to comfort you, because you are just not feeling well!

Your birthday is actually a nice occasion to send you a kind greeting, but your illness gives the whole thing a negative touch. We wish you that you will soon recover and see everything positive again!

Get well soon Birthday Wishes For Patients

For the beginning of the year
We wish you a party today
good health, because with the
it is not for the best.
With patience and discipline,
good food, best care
can we get that back,
nothing speaks against it.

Illness must be borne,
but recovery is in the house,
plagues after last year
it looks better again.
That is why I wish you today
good health and a lot of strength,
happy birthday,
because commonality creates a lot.

A smile in his eyes shines,
that testifies to convalescence,
and now replacing birthday cake
the medicine from the retort.
We wish you all the best
and are with you glad cheers.

Oh, that hurt a lot,
but the cecum is now out,
and now the little man can
for a birthday fast home.
Can not eat a cake yet,
but he does not care
oh, I almost forgot
I have a gift with me.

Only when health has gone,
man appreciates them,
the disease made you anxious,
at night us and also by day.
But healing is the gift,
that the doctors brought you,
here is someone who thinks of you,
in your birthday night.

Life is not always easy

and often checks people,
whatever he already achieves
and what he hopes for.
Life is not foreseeable,
it takes us as it gives
but sometimes miracles come true,
you do not think about.
And so a miracle happened to you,
as only God can
I was so happy when I saw you
today on your birthday.

It starts now a happy time,
without the pain and without the suffering,
it starts again the sweet life,
which was first returned to you.
It’s starting a new year,
with health that you failed,
without the fear and without the danger
never again is you plagued from now on.

Finally you got up
and you look better again,
shaking off the disease gangs,
Finally you are allowed to go home.
Now you can celebrate your birthday,
with friends and loved ones,
You throw off the veil,
only the sun stayed.

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