Birthday Wishes For Father In Heaven. Last year, at this time, we sat here together, were happy and have forged plans for the future together father.

Wherever you like to linger, I feel that you are with me right now. Let me tell you how much I miss you and how wonderful and unique it was that I was allowed to love you and still love you.


Birthday Wishes For Father In Heaven

We know how much you loved your birthdays father. That’s why we all got together again today to remember the wonderful time with you. You were such a special, warm, lovable person and therefore one thing is certain: we will never forget you! Wherever you are now, we send our never ending love to you!

This is not a day like any other, this is your birthday father! You are no longer with us, but the memories of you are as fresh as ever. We look at pictures from your past birthdays, look forward to how happy you look and laugh at the jokes you made.

It is not easy to greet this day with joy father. Today you would have been … years old. Again and again I wonder what you would have wished for your birthday. What could have surprised you? I have to smile when I imagine it and let my mind run wild. In them, you are suddenly alive again and take me with joy beaming in the arm. These are moments when the beauty of memory dispels pain.

We know how cheerful and heartfelt you have always been. You would never have allowed us to have a sad thought on your birthday. You would have wanted us to remember you with joy and laugh at you during the great time. And there were many funny moments in your life! We promise you that we will celebrate your birthday today without mourning and that we will happily commemorate your captivating personality.