70th Birthday Wishes For Mother. At 70 you are fast as never.

70th Birthday Wishes For Mother

sometimes it also tweaks in the back and knee,
does not make you feel like it,
can defeat us,
while biking, gardening, playing cards,
can you still feel like 40?
That’s why we wish you a cradle party
only the best for the years to come.

70th Birthday Wishes For Mother

Our mother is today 70 years
and it feels wonderful.
She has done a lot in life,
so many times new.
Given great love to children,
The grandchildren enrich their lives now.
All of us are ready today
Thank you – for the nice time.

Lovely 70th Birthday Wishes For Mother

You can not believe that you turn 70 today!
To make you sing loud,
let’s allow ourselves today.
We wish you a nice party
let’s swing the dance leg,
you like the coming years
just bring happiness and joy.

At 70 years you look back,
not always you were lucky.
But you never gave up,
it always went on somehow.
You have brought us children into life,
not only our thanks today.
Keep up the good life,
we always want to give you support!

For 70 years you are in the world

have brightened our lives.
Was there sorrow or worry
you were always there.
This morning was still dark, was the morning
then bright again for us.
Because every one of us likes you,
let’s celebrate your day of honor today!

Emotional 70th Birthday Wishes For Mother

Do not think about the daily plague today
lean back on your 70th day of honor.
As a mother, you’ve done a lot in life,
but sometimes the strength is lacking today,
did you always go to school,
to help us children in every situation.
That’s why we want to tell you
how nice it is that we have you.
We wish you to your present day feast,
Health, joy and the very best!

Inspirational 70th Birthday Wishes For Mother

Dear mother!
You will beĀ 70 today,
quite a few are wearing gray hair,
but you are not old iron,
Do your duty daily.
Should something not quite fit,
we can rely on your advice.
We wish you health and a lot of strength,
so that you can do the 100 too.

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