80th Birthday Wishes For Mother. Congratulating everyone,
Mama makes the 80 complete
we really like that!

80 years are a long life,
and it has given you a lot.
Rain is always followed by sunshine,
May it be a sunny celebration today.

80th Birthday Wishes For Mother

80th Birthday Wishes For Mother

Our center, dear mom, that’s you
You can do it for us and always listen.
We congratulate you from the heart
and give you 80 birthday candles.

80 years and rarely quiet,
sometimes a bit old-fashioned,
dear mom stay as you are,
we wish you a celebration,
you never forget.

Our birthday song comes from the heart today,
just like gifts and cake with candles,
Your 80th birthday is the feast of the feasts,
Mom, you are our very best!

Today we do not care about the weather,
You only get 80 years once.
On your day of honor we want to be happy together
and pack many presents for you.

Health and a long life,
may the next years give you.
We wish you the best of luck on your 80th birthday
You look back on many beautiful moments.

Today you will be 80 years,
and except for a few gray hairs,
are you still in top shape –
Congratulations mom, that’s huge!

Loving Birthday Wishes For Mom: Celebrating Special Day with 100 Greetings

Lucky 80th Birthday Wishes For Mother

For the 80th birthday you look back on a long life,
You gave your family a lot.
We wish you many healthy years with good luck,
look back happily at your celebration.

Dear Mom, 80 years smart and wise,
are behind you on your life’s journey.
Always look forward and in joy,
We wish you moments full of happiness.

Inspirational 80th Birthday Wishes For Mother

Let’s celebrate today is your day,
My congratulations show you how much I like you.
You have always cared for me and taken care of me with all my strength,
and thereby made the 80 years full.

We want to give you a birthday saying,
and think about mom today.
Achieved the eighth zero today
It was not always easy in life.
Let yourself celebrate and forget all worries,
look forward to the next morning.

Good luck and blessings for the 80th birthday,
today there should only be sun for you.
With colorful gifts and birthday cake,
we are happy to visit you.

Rain or shine,
for birthday coffee you invite today.
We would like to celebrate your day of honor with you,
on the 80th we toast with champagne and beer.

Joy, happiness and sunshine,
come into your heart today.
Mom I wish you the best,
and celebrate with you a feast of the festivals.

Accompany you happiness and blessings,
on your other life paths.
We congratulate you mom with a lot of momentum,
Even with 80 years you feel young.

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