Happy 18th Birthday Wishes-18th Birthday Status. 18th birthday is something very special. He means of majority. You can do and leave what you want. At least theoretically.

Nevertheless, the congratulations on the 18th Birthday are always full of future anthems and lovingly teasing ballads of good old childhood. A few funny sayings for the 18th Birthday may therefore like to be full of embarrassing stories from baby days. If you get older, do not forget your childhood. And a few funny sayings ease the grief of the parents about the too-fast growing up with ease.

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes-18th Birthday Status

Now you are 18, hurray, hurray!
We celebrate another year of life.
May your degree succeed,
the love you sing,
the luck you laugh
and do the work yourself.
All the best!

Finally 18, hard to believe!
We want to rob the sleep today.
To celebrate, what a feast!
And tomorrow the rest will follow.

18! Jippieh! Juchee!

Pour rum into the tea!
Blow out the parents,
we celebrate in the whole house now!
18 years want to mean something,
From now on you have to do something.
But that’s not bad
You get that alone.
And if not, you do not need forgiveness,
your parents will help, on all days.

Reason … out of it grows all the other virtues,
since she teaches that one does not live pleasurably,
without reasonable, decent and just living,
and vice versa not reasonable,
decent and fair,
without lust to live.

After dolls, the child will long for(Happy 18th Birthday Wishes)

The cheerful youth after the beautiful,
The glory of man’s diligence,
And the dull old man desires gold.
With such changeable impulses,
Who will love his true fortune?
Only the, the beautiful, fame and money
For dolls the adult stops.

The trick is to grow up without getting old.
The child grows up three years earlier than the parents believe and three years later
as it believes itself.

Everything is mute on the 18th
look at you and wait,
that you say something that greets guests
and get what sweetens the day,
A car, a clock, a bill.
That too means 18.

The family remembers the past,
when you were little, and so tender.
You think about what the future holds ready,
in money, power and a full beard.
Happy 18th!

Amalia von Wendling
Now you are standing here, at the age of 18.
I can not believe it.
Was it only yesterday for me,
as you learn to crawl and babble.
Much we laughed, cried and hardly slept.
But as parents, we are proud of you,
at 18 months or 18 years.

Fresh and happy, free and happy,
the sun does not shine somewhere,
but on you and your face.
Wind in the back and moss in the bag,
that’s what this little poem wishes you
Oh, do not laugh, that’s just my scam.

Every path is pure,
travel to here and there,
stay in every place
and only find the best.
Come back again,
because here family is waiting
a big part of happiness.

My dear child,
we are proud of you for having become like this.
You are not quite mature yet and hopefully you will never grow old.
We wish only the best and the best in the world.
We love you and are always there for you, even if it pulls you away.
Happy 18th Birthday.

Age of majority is so important.
You are no longer a child,
not adult, not right.
We are proud of you, very much.
You go ahead, with every step,
sometimes ahead, but always us with you,
on this new stage of life.
We congratulate you here,
with timpani and trumpet,
Let rise, the 18th Fete.

Being an adult does not mean easy
to use the phrase “take responsibility”,
but trying to
to know what you are doing.

Congratulations on (Happy 18th Birthday Wishes)

Finally 18, finally grown up. Well, that’s not quite true. Certainly, with the 18th birthday, some rights and obligations of the legislature come into force, but the very same legislator defines people aged 18 to 21 as adolescents, not adults. This refers in particular to the criminal law and in social law there is even a stage. Here are people from 18 to 27 years “young adults”. Actually, all life goes through certain processes that depend on age. For example, anyone who wants to become a Federal President or Constitutional Court judge in USA must be at least 40 years old.

Apart from these legal quibbles, the 18th birthday is simply a great thing. Car driver’s license, no more questions about how long you can stay away, traveling wherever and simply being responsible for yourself. This is definitely a reason to celebrate and accordingly birthday children are complimented at 18 years.

Since when is the 18th birthday celebrated?

However, the 18th birthday is not as significant as it is today. The same rights that are currently given to a 18-year-old teenager have gone to 21-year-olds by 1975. A law that was fixed in 1875 and changed only 100 years later.

The 18th birthday has just been important for the reveler for about 40 years. The law of 18 years of age 1875, however, has a much longer history and is based on a rather funny reason today. It began in the Middle Ages, more precisely in 1215, when the Magna Carta was enacted in England, a first forerunner of modern constitutions. In it one was now seen as an adult at the age of 21 instead of 15 before. Simply because a 15-year-old could not yet carry the heavy knight armor.

However, this regulation was initially implemented only for the English nobility. In medieval Europe, there were rather arbitrary limits, most of which related to male youth. Women or girls sometimes changed hands when they were 12 years old. So from father to husband. As a rule, the boy became a man at the age of 14.
Birthdays were barely celebrated anyway, no matter if it was the 12th, the 14th or the 18th birthday. This custom originated only from the 19th century in the course of industrialization.

Happy Birthday-Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

The celebration of its 18th birthday and its great significance has, in a sense, seamlessly changed from the 21-year-old to the 18-year-old from 1975 onwards. In this period of life, three years are of great importance and the performance alone had to have been intoxicating for a teenager who had just turned 18, instead of enjoying all the freedoms of an adult at the age of 21.

The party, which is organized, of course, must have a suitable framework and be visited by as many friends as possible, on the one hand to make the 18-year-olds jealous and on the other hand to show the already 18-year-olds that the club of Of majority now has one more member. Not infrequently, the 18th Birthday is also used to organize the first real own celebration, without which the parents in one way or another “intervene”, if the festivals are not located in the home or the jubilee, any interference forbids.

As with most adolescents, there is usually little or no alignment with the views of the parents, but with those of their peers. As with any party, games such as a drinking game, a certain motto, contemporary music and, of course, congratulations or birthday announcements may all be over the age of majority.