Happy 1st Birthday Wishes Boy, Girl, Grandchild. When a child celebrates his own first birthday by family, he should be congratulated. At the age of one year, the child will not be able to accept the congratulations himself, so that the congratulations are usually directed more to mom and dad. Here are some warm wishes for the first birthday of boys and girls presented, which you can write in a birthday card. Such a card can look at the child and recognize perhaps familiar motifs.

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes

Alternatively, you can send the pictures presented here with congratulations via WhatsApp or Facebook to the parents, which align the wishes of the little offspring and show the birthday pictures. All congratulations and sayings for the first birthday are free for private use.

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes Boy, Girl, Grandchild

These children’s birthday wishes are for girls and boys, relatives and friends, and for all those who love raising a one-year-old child. There are a few funny congratulations, but mostly it is about sweet and sweet, child-friendly short lines and texts that can be sent to each recipient.

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes CONGRATULATIONS FOR BOYS

This very colorful picture for the first birthday shows the lucky beetle as a symbol that you wish the child and of course his parents good luck. On a colorful flower meadow flowers greet the birthday boy. The beetles crawl around the big slogan with heartfelt birthday greetings and ring in the new year of life. This is a picture that will certainly bring a smile to even the very small people in this world.

Congratulations on the 1st birthday of your little boy. I wish him and of course his parents a great start to the second year!

I am not sure if you will travel to Mars later or become a professional footballer, but I am already sure that you can do anything you want. You are a very special little boy. Congratulations on your first birthday!

That time you born and celebrates by all your family members . There are still many adventures coming to you. All are good wishes to you and celebrates party

I wish you all the happiness of the world and fantastic gifts for your 1st birthday. Is there actually Babyboy with the taste of a birthday cake?

Happy Birthday, my little darling. Tell every body good and praise your born.

High he should live, high he should live, three times high! Congratulations on your 1st anniversary in this world!


A little girl is congratulated on the first birthday a little differently than a boy. Therefore, here are some congratulations that have been specially formulated for girls who are one year old. One-year-olds may not read their birthday wishes themselves, but have them read aloud by their parents. Even if a girl at the age of one year certainly can not do much with a sweet congratulation on her birthday, so you can still wish the parents a great day with the little ones. In addition, beautiful pictures are a way for young children to show them the special nature of the birthday.

A rainbow is certainly very popular with little girls. Even if she does not yet know what such a rainbow means, it is a motley motive that many children have certainly seen in a children’s book. The big one symbolizes the birthday, over it runs the lettering “Happy Birthday”. It is a child-friendly birthday picture that you can share with a mouse click on Facebook, but that you can also send quickly and easily via WhatsApp to the mother or father of the little birthday boy.

Happy Birthday, my little darling. Did you already say the first words? In a year you will talk your parents a chop to the leg, I’m sure!

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes from parents

Hopefully, on your first anniversary on Earth, you’ll get awesome gifts. I send you my dearest congratulations!

If you would like to congratulate your grandson on your first birthday, then you would like to find a particularly beautiful saying. Maybe these phrases can give a suggestion for a birthday greeting to the grandchild. These are congratulations from grandma and grandfather, but also from grandmother or grandfather alone. In any case, these congratulations grandsons as well as for a granddaughter are suitable and are certainly sent by every proud grandpa and every proud grandma. The little ones will perhaps be less pleased with the lyrics than with the pictures or the gifts that usually accompany the congratulations.

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes princess

This cute bunny brings congratulations to the 1st birthday for the grandchild. It is drawn in comic style and in the speech bubble is the slogan with the children’s birthday wishes. A small heart and a colorful 1 are highlighted. Even one year old’s will love this rabbit and be happy about the congratulation.

Congratulations to the sweetest princess in the world from the proudest grandparents in the world! You are a huge treasure!

Now you are already one year old and you are still the greatest treasure you can wish for. Happy Birthday.

I wholeheartedly wish you all the best for your first birthday. And if you keep mom and dad busy, then I like to jump in as a babysitter!

I wish you a lot of fun and lots of new toys for your first cradle party! I’ll send you a kiss and cuddle you!

Happy Birthday, my little grandchild. I’m the proudest grandpa with the greatest grandchild you can imagine. I wish you a great second year!

For your first birthday, I have to tell your mom and dad that they are doing an excellent job of educating you for a real sunshine. I wish you a great day of honor!

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