Birthday Wishes For Rider. The greatest happiness for you in this world is that you do not fall off the horse! And the luck of your horse is the same, because after all, you are a unit. Congratulations and always a firm seat in the saddle!

As you ride through the forest and across the fields, the earth slides beneath you.  Feel your heart beat and the blood flow in your veins! Riding is life.

Birthday Wishes For Rider

Stay well-behaved to your horse as you always wear responsibly. In this way, you will always get along well. All the best and love for the new year, and many more beautiful rides!

Birthday Wishes For Rider

If you take this to heart, you will never blame him. You are going to … (old), since you are old enough not to falsely accuse your horse because you did something wrong! In this sense: Happy birthday, and do not break your bones!

Happy birthday, dear rider! 

Riding keeps you young and fast, I can tell you that: you are still as active and determined as before! So stay with your hobby, take care of yourself and your horse, and continue to enjoy riding and living!

We wish you all the best wishes for your birthday, always stirrups and a soft saddle, a well-tamed horse that still has temperament, and of course many beautiful rides!

Horses are known for their speed, their fidelity, their shiny coat and their strong muscles. And you are known for your sportiness, your friendly attitude and … apparently you are just the perfect team! At least we wish you a very happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Rider of Motorcycle

Today begins a new year,
that will be wonderful for you!
Because many wishes are with you
and also with your favorite animal!

You should always understand yourself well
and never go astray,
In any case, you have the say,
the horse does what it tells.

It will never contradict you,
Never break out without asking,
Do not throw yourself out of his saddle,
certainly not biting your butt.

When you call, it follows the word,
and gladly and immediately.

These are for your honorary days
OUR wishes – no question!
But, we say that
you talk to the horse!

Happy birthday quotes For Birthday Wishes For Rider

For the show jumper

Happy Birthday to You,
Good luck for the new year
wish gelding, stallion and mare:
“It’s always going forward, not back!”

That applies to the general life
just like the highest jump,
this year, you will give everything
and the course is going really well!

This year will have no limits
no obstacle will make you too heavy
whether wall or moat,
the competition looks jealous.

One thing will be clear to everyone:
You are the new shooting star!
Because even the last layman sees:
From today you are favorite!

Today you will be one year older
and also become much wiser,
Here are some wishes
for your life with the horses:

You have to overcome hurdles
as high as possible in a short time,
You should ride over ditches,
without effort, as far as possible.

You should avoid mistakes
and it’s easy for you to win
Collecting bows and cups,
Good luck is achieved soon.

All this you should do this year,
and what’s equally important
Stay in the saddle with every jump
otherwise everything else is nothing!

For the dressage rider

Today for your honorary days
you get one hundred percent,
not for piaffe and passage,
but in the form of the “wish present”.

Next year,
that is wish one,
everything should work,
happiness will be yours!

Step, gallop and strong trot,
everything is sitting – you do not limp.
Circle, Volte, Pirouette,
without mistakes – every bet.
Traversale, Schenkelweichen
and the spectators blanch.

The performance is right and moreover
the judges are not a problem either.
Because even for them soon becomes clear:
You are the star this year!

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