Unique And Funny Happy Birthday Wishes. Today is another day of jubilee

I wish you luck, because I like you.
But I wonder if it makes you happy too
After all, you’re getting older today. happy birthday

Life – it goes on and onAgain the ravages of time
because it’s time again.
One year on top of it
that’s how life takes its course.
You do not need to rumble now
Many people want to congratulate you! happy birthday


Unique And Funny Happy Birthday Wishes


quite serious and sometimes cheerful.
The youth has been here for a long time
but believe me: do not take it so hard.
It is less the beautiful hair grow
the years of life are rising and rising.
Do not think back to the old days
but look forward – piece by piece. happy birthday


Unique And Funny Happy Birthday Wishes
Unique And Funny Happy Birthday Wishes

today the time has come
it increases your lifetime.
Well, life is like that
so it rises to the number of lives.
You are in the prime of your life
nothing was in vain in your life.
But be assured – I know it:
Soon she will reach the midlife crisis! happy birthday

Oha – oh god – oh dear,
You’re getting older, I see.
To hell, what a bad luck
Your years of life – they go wech.
Hurts come and stay there
also color changes in your hair.
Oha – oh god – oh dear,
To see you older – that hurts! happy birthday

It’s the same procedure every year:
I’m getting older – what am I doing?
The best thing is, I do not party
No one has to see the wrinkles on the face.
I stay in the quiet little room
alone for me this day.
But differently then the environment thinks
and you will be richly rewarded.
So you have to preserve the wrinkled face then you
and learn from the others again and again:
“Hey soon you can retire”
“Hey, can you still see without glasses?”
For the next year, you are looking for a solution
and you will book a trip very early! happy birthday


You are and you are young at heart

So I’m not talking about it
before the worry upsets you
you are only as old as you feel
Let me congratulate you
For cheerfulness and cool beers
because who celebrates a lot does not rust
says you this birthday poem

Birthdays are good for you
because statistics certainly show
People who have many birthdays
Life is the longest
you can say

I want you, as a true friend
Remember your birthday today
We want to forget the age
and prefer to eat cake

I just want to give you a birthday wish
I hope you will live forever. happy birthday

The crux of birthdays is
not that you forget them
but, and I say that from the heart
The older you are, the more candles you have
you need on the birthday cake
the cost due to their high number
then more than the price of the cake was

Let’s celebrate your birthday and eat cake


And do not forget it
that only gets better with age
as long as you do not lose your head
So celebrate and let me tell you
You will still have a birthday many times

Mother Nature wants to tell you one thing
if you have a birthday again
you should not have them either
without wrinkles you missed something

Do you reach like a good wine?
let yourself celebrate and count the candles
how much may it be
but no matter they are from the heart
they burn only for you alone

I will behave myself well

today on your birthday
and will you give me a piece of pie?
I tell you that I like you

another 100 years of life and a fresh heart
to stay as you are
because without you everything is crap

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