Happy birthday to my dog in heaven quotes. Happy Birthday, faithful friend!

Everything you dreamed about
in your beautiful dog life,
should it be today’s birthday:
Big bones with a lot of meat
and a basket, sheepishly soft;
You can have any toy,
allowed to dig in molehills …
Today, nothing is denied you,
what your dog heart desires.
And as a coronation – best variety:
Dog cake instead of the cake!


 Happy birthday to my dog in heaven quotes

Birthday Wishes For Dogs-Happy Birthday Wishes From Dog To Owner
Happy birthday to my dog in heaven quotes

All the best, little dog,
stay so faithful and so healthy
as you are now – that would be nice!
I would like to see you forever,
how do you make Radau in the house
and laugh at me with pink tongue;
So I wish you fast today
always dense, soft fur
and for the next phase of life
a cold, wet nose!

You were so tiny when we got you
a small, fluffy ball of fur on legs;
still shy and insecure, one might think
without a family and without a name.

But if you were scared, you barked it
Did you miss a chance to create chaos?
and successfully turned our world upside down.

Years have passed since that time,
you became a clever and magnificent animal
and without you, it would only be half as nice here.

And so, when we sang for your birthday today,
I thought back to all the beautiful years
and I was glad: What luck have we with you?


I wonder if you really know
what is today for a day,
but your tail wagging proves
that you do not care.

You’re just happy that all people
are so kind to you;
they praise and they are scratching today
the birthday child.

For dogs, that’s not the day
they live the moment;
as long as everyone likes them,
There’s always a happy ending.

But even if only we understand
that you have your birthday:
We want to see you happy
and celebrate without rest.


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