Birthday Wishes For Gentlemen – Happy Birthday For Male Friend.  In addition, they make other demands on life, which should also be reflected in a well-made birthday saying.

Therefore, it is often important to look at birthday sayings not only on the age of the recipient, but also on the gender, the personal inclinations and interests, as well as on the family situation. For a married man can have a different birthday message than an unmarried or a widowed man. But how do you really recognize a good birthday saying for men?

Birthday Wishes For Gentlemen

Birthday Wishes For Gentlemen – Happy Birthday For Male Friend

A birthday saying for gentlemen is pithy. He dispenses with flowery and too cheesy descriptions. Such things are more likely to be women or little girls. A birthday saying for gentlemen picks up on the everyday suffering gentlemen have. Thin hair, a small belly approach, and the sense of taste gradually leaves more to be desired. They love sports – but only if they can watch from the home sofa. And if the beer is lightly chilled in the evening and the crisps crisp, then the world of a man is perfect and he is completely satisfied.

If this small outline was processed in a birthday saying in a funny way, every man will understand this saying and also laugh heartily about it. Because gentlemen have one thing: humor – and not too close.


If you are looking for a suitable birthday saying for a man on our site, then it is best to first analyze the man. What is he on? What are his hobbies and what can make him happy? Does he have any special qualities or inclinations that you can perhaps emphasize again with a brisk slogan?

Then rummage through our large selection of sayings. Surely you will find a spell that fits exactly the man you want to surprise with it. Pay attention to the length of the spell. Should he appear on a greeting card, he must not be too long. If it is to be performed freely, there may well be a few more lines that everyone can enjoy.

The hair is gray. The hair becomes thinner.

Do not worry, you will not become disciples.

Do not hold on to your hair,

Because men mature with the years.

It’s like having a good wine

You also have more being than appearance.

Do it like the wine and keep maturing

and always leave us happy and cheerful.

Happy Birthday!

As a whole guy with heart and hand,

So you are well known to all of us.

In all the years uphill downhill,

We always kept you busy.

But today we celebrate you solid.

After all, you are the best too.

Happy Birthday!

To mention all your good sides

Some just yawn.

That’s why we put it in a nutshell

And dedicate ourselves to the birthday cake.

With humor and a lot of skill

Do you master your happiness.

Think in all situations

Never even to despair.

Just stay like today.

Because that’s how people appreciate you.

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is your day of honor

And because everyone really likes you,

Let us celebrate you and your life.

Let’s lift the glasses together

And experience many more beautiful years together.

You’ve mastered XX years so far

And we almost always loved it

Taken together with you.

Cheers and all the best.

The years go by fast

Not always do you feel “very well”

Nevertheless, you face yourself every day

Why does everyone like you?

We want to praise you and greet you

To sweeten your birthday.

Luck, health and a lot of bliss

As many days as possible full of sun,

We wish you that with all your heart

And now to the birthday candles.

Happy Birthday!

Now you are XX years old,

On the other hand, no violence helps.

Drum wear with composure and stay cheerful

That’s how it goes in life.

On your way forward is only the best

So stay happy and celebrate

Happy Birthday!

Because today is your birthday

Give it all reason to enjoy

And is life too dull?

Hall now laughs through the building

Drum not sorry, hair is also gray

Rejoice with those who are close to you

Let’s take a close look

Can we see golden times coming?

Your birthday, that is today,

Many people congratulate you

Of course, we too follow this example.

For XX. Birthday, we congratulate you.

Have a nice time

Because all worries are far today.

Think about today and smile again.

A man like you, known for his creative power,

Willingly be appointed head of the family.

The celebration will be yours today

Another year is done

You still think you are fabulous.

We wish you a cradle party

Of course only the best of everything

Today is your day of honor

You invited us all.

The reason why I like you,

You know your birthday

to celebrate extensively.

If a man like you

will be one year older

and looks like a gnu

the friendship does not get colder anyway.

Congratulations on the day of honor!

The good thing is how old you become –

Men friendship does not age.

A man like you,

you can not look at the age.

Drink another beer,

then you will understand me.

For you a gift for the day of honor,

I really hope you like it.

Fortunately, men are not getting older,

only wiser,

I’m just wondering

why it is different with you.

Another year has passed

So I have to tell you:

A man does not need a mirror,

to know how timeless he looks.

On your honor day

I want to tell you

What I like About You

is that we have you.

Your birthday is worth it

that you are especially honored today,

Drum we want to say aloud,

we are glad that we have you.

Another year has passed

in which we sang many songs,

even more bottles emptied,

and honored your old age.

You are a good man,

you can not honor enough.

I wish for your birthday –

stay just as you are.

If a man has a birthday,

Is there enough to drink,

Celebrating a man’s day of honor,

There’s one more advice:

Make sure you have enough food,

otherwise you can forget us next year.

I spent 364 days

thought, minded and remembered,

what I can give you,

After all, you are a man

and no woman, what a pity

the party might not be so bleak

I searched near and far,

Birthday Sayings with men.

Because I did not find a good one;

I will give you a bag of sand.

Happy Birthday!

I admit that I like you.

Do not look a year older,

So the candles blew out,

and let’s finally celebrate,

I am forever yours.

Today is a special day

not alone for me

the reason is that I tell you

how much I like you.

Dear friend, for your special day,

I have thought a lot.

What should I tell you specifically

Who should I consult with you?

Until I finally remembered

You mean so much to me!

Many years ago on this day,

Your mother carried you on hands.

You have become quieter all these years

not older but wiser.

It can rain, hail or snow,

Today is not a day for crying.

Congratulations to you,

because I like you so much.

Every year again

we sing the same songs.

Congratulate you on the day of honor,

we never want to lose you.

We all know what we have about you,

however we do not always say it.

My friend, today is this day again,

where all your friends come, look we are at the start.

We all have a gift, have come just for you,

because today is your birthday, and strictly speaking

even a round, you’ll be 50,

We let ourselves be told, that makes one sensible.

So do not fight back, let yourself

then you’ll get a rhyme again next year.

We lift the glasses and drink on you,

You can always count on us, we will never let you down!

All the best, Happy Birthday and of all the best,

Health and happiness, and of course money in your vest.

That the suns may shine in your next year,

on every bad day!

Of course, the good guys too, it’s not like we’re just coming

if you need us.

No, we also like to invite ourselves,

You already know that, from your club.

So let’s celebrate, you are the hero,

It’s your birthday, you own the world today!


All the best, all the best, we wish you!

You’re the best, dearest, the best in the area.

Of all that is there, you should have the best:

Lots of money, always happiness, great women and good mood on all days!

Today we will tell you how much we like you,

and, moreover, you are the best in our entire crew.

Stay as you are, correct and always nice,

sporty and accommodating, dressed very dapper.

Enough of the praise, we really give gas,

dance and party, and have a lot of fun!

Happy birthday, all the best and a lot of great things

we say Happy Birthday, and today we want to laugh with you.

You are the boss here, you are in charge here

and for the next year, we wish you luck on all days.

Health and happiness, always happiness and much success,

but there we are not worried, it turns everything you touch to gold.

Happy old house, we celebrate with you now, and give you applause!

Happy Birthday, we wish all the luck in the world,

Health and success, and also a lot of money.

Fun in everything you do should accompany you,

and that you feel young, as in the old days.

Let yourself celebrate and tell you

we wish you the best,

now and on all days!

Old house, a day of joy,

Today many people visit you.

Everyone wants to say

how much they like you.

Today is your birthday, a very nice day

That’s why we’re all here today.

happy Birthday

How wonderful that you were born,

all your friends would otherwise have missed you a lot.

Good that there is you, we want to show you today,

that, and how much we like you, we can really love you very much.

Happy Birthday, old dear house,

We want to celebrate you today and give you applause.

You should have everything, but above all happiness and happiness on all days!

This day is about you

a pound guy as he is in the book.

One year older you became,

but that is not negative,

I mean, you have a good life,

you do not have to strive for more,

I hope that it continues for you

and health, happiness and joy persists.

You have become one year older,

you have gained new life experience,

a lot in your job,

and every day you

to take care of your family

that you do not have to borrow from the bank,

therefore, treat yourself to the day on this day

for peace and coziness.

In the last few days I have been driven,

and you wrote a few lines for your birthday,

but without a topic you can not do that,

because it is your great passion.

Your wife just rolled her eyes,

when the TV program goes in that direction,

Run 22 behind the ball,

You can name anyone by name,

So I want by playing with my feet,

Sincerely greet you to the birthday.

The year of birth is year again,

with someone who likes driving a car,

That’s why I do not want to offend you, of course

and think of your car when it comes to congratulations.

The tank is full, the road free,

the steering is by itself,

also the brakes should always work,

because we do not want to lose you.

Have fun with your carriage,

that she just does not slide in the case of black ice,

and today you all the best,

but please do not drive any more – after the beer.

When I look at the past,

then that was not an easy time for you

You have mastered much difficult

I’m really excited about that,

and would like to courageously dare to

to look positively forward with you.

And so I wish you – that’s clear

Happiness and joy in the new year.

A birthday is a reason to celebrate

that’s why I do not want to rush

but quickly raise my glass,

let the liver forgive me,

to take a big sip on you,

because our friendship should never sink,

I wish you a happy birthday

loud and funny – not petty!

One year into the country,

This also made you older.

A reason to take stock,

how you thrived last year.

It looks pretty good,

only you are a little more gray,

the hair has not gotten any more

you do not have to worry about your stomach.

But one thing has not changed,

if you are so scrutinizing around you,

have stayed a great guy,

for women to fall in love,

I do not want to complain

but happy birthday congratulations.

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